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The Crispinfocare is the world’s largest provider of outsourced workplaces for companies of any size. The Crispinfocare Network has 1,200 Business centers in 85 countries and includes four brands: Crispinfocare Business Centers, Crisp Infocare Global Workplaces, Stratis and Business Meeting Places. The company provides more than 100,000 clients with flexible and cost-effective workplace options to meet their specific needs. Whether using a fully furnished Crispinfocare office, a virtual office, meeting room or video conferencing facility, businesses working with Crispinfocare are able to establish an immediate presence at prestigious business center locations in business hubs and capital cities around the globe.
The Business Case for Crispinfocare
Executives across business sectors, geographic locations, and from every size organization, seek to more effectively manage business risk, maximize their financial resources, and increase their flexibility to accommodate growth and the dynamic changes in the market. With property constituting more than 40 percent of the total assets of many of the world’s leading corporations, these businesses are increasingly looking at office space requirements as a strategic component of their business plan. Crispinfocare enables companies to maintain that needed flexibility by helping them minimize their second largest cost of doing business: the expenses associated with leasing, equipping and staffing their office space.
Workplace outsourcing enables companies to rapidly seize new market opportunities because the office infrastructure is already in place, which is particularly beneficial when businesses are setting up offices in emerging markets. Each location includes a client-driven mix of offices, meeting rooms and common areas. An advanced communications system, Internet access and IT and administrative support are also standard features. Additionally, clients can utilize Crispinfocare’ full menu of business services, including meeting rooms, video conferencing, business support services, and catering -- on a pay-per-use basis.
Crispinfocare are located at premier addresses in city centers, central business districts or business parks with convenient access to major airports or public transportation. Clients sign a one-page agreement and can move into their new space literally overnight.